How to encourage personal savings


Being able to save money is still viewed as some sort of privilege. The problem is that a huge amount of people does not earn enough so that to be able to save something. Their salary goes to paying rent, bills and groceries. However, the subject under consideration is very important as having some savings means that one is going to have at least some sort of stability, especially when something unexpected occurs.

What is significant to to highlight in this respect is that people should be encouraged to have some personal savings. In such a way, they have that feeling of stability no matter what happens. Apart from that, they will also be able to take a break from the job they do in order to focus on some other projects or simply to use this opportunity in order to travel or get some rest. Basically, having personal savings means that you have a lot of freedom in terms of what you can do. Thus, you know that you can stop doing one thing and start doing another thing whenever you want.

Ways of saving money


Well, you are probably familiar with the fact that the issue of saving money is always going to be at the forefront. A lot of people do not earn enough so that to be able to make all their dreams come true. What is more, a lot of those dreams require money. For instance, you want to travel and to see the whole world. You will obviously need money to do that.

Luckily, there are certain ways in which it is possible to save at least some money. To begin with, it is important to monitor what you spend your money on. As soon as you take a closer look at that, you will be able to analyze the situation as well as find ways in which you can cut back on something. Apart from that, you might also realize that you should start cooking food at home rather  than spending so much money on takeout. There are lots of substitute options which you should definitely try. In such a way, you will have some money saved on other things.

The effects of not keeping a personal budget


One of the most obvious reasons why it is necessary to keep a personal budget is that you will simply be aware of where all your money goes. In such a way, you will also be able to become better at managing your finances. In other words, you will see categories which you probably do not need to spend so much money on. As a result, you will be able to save some money in order to travel more, for instance.

What is also great is that you will finally be able to get better at planning. To specify, you will realize how much money you need in order to have a comfortable life as well as how much you are going to need in order to achieve all your goals. Thus, keeping a personal budget might actually serve as some additional motivation for you to start actually doing something so that to make all your dreams come true. Try keeping a personal budget at least for a few months and you will see how many advantages it has.

What events led to the Great Depression?



The Great Depression of the 1930s still remains a threatening reminder of the high sensitivity of the American economy. The most dramatic economic downfall in the history of the US caused a broad financial damage to the country. Even families without most of their assets invested in the stock market felt a downfall, not to mention businesses and corporations that hardly survived. Though such a massive event did not happen overnight, the stock market crash of October 29, 1929, accelerated the national economic collapse. But Black Tuesday was merely the final part of the chain of processes that gradually destroyed the society of the early 20th century.

The 1920s was the period of false prosperity in the US. Many people used automobiles, telephones, and radio that were a luxury yet a decade before. This was the Jazz Age when television with all its celebrities prospered. The US gained dominance in the world as former global political superpowers tried to compensate for the losses brought by World War I. In the meantime, millions of Americans invested in shares, and banks stimulated their clients with generous loans. Despite the wide income gap in the society, becoming a rich man was easier than ever. And people took advantage of it. When speculation in the stock market pushed prices above the limit, a massive sell-off began. The actual price of bonds and shares fell to unimaginably low rates.

The Great Depression began as the majority of people lost their money and often a workplace. The purchasing power of Americans fell far below previous figures. People stopped purchasing items, and factories stopped their production. The government introduced harsh economic policies to reduce purchasing imported goods, but it neither benefited corporations nor international trade with Europe.

Educating adults has many advantages and will be very beneficial to the economy



Education is a vital concept not only for teenagers. A part of adults who once dropped out of school too early and did not put their academic potential into life still strives to find a respectable job with a decent salary. As they currently struggle to find a satisfactory job-place with their secondary education, the prospect of free education looks very encouraging. Many adults enroll into such courses with non-economic goals like boosting their awareness or stimulating healthy choices. Development is important to many of them even if creativity or learning cultures do not directly impact their well-being.

Unfortunately, governments cannot see a direct revenue from investing into adult education either. Despite the potential benefits, state governments have currently cut funding for adult educational programs. Officials need to see clearer economic benefits to assume that the taxpayers’ money is not wasted. In terms of postgraduate education, people greatly depend on programs funded corporately. Workplace training and online courses still remain more affordable to employees in progressive companies.

Although governments are reluctant to empower adults for free, there is an evidence that adult education is not charity. Studies conducted by the German Institute for Adult Education have shown that countries that spend at least 1 percent of GDP for adult learning see high rates of participation in those programs. In their turn, countries with higher participation rates show higher levels of economic growth. Meeting their needs, adults improve their living standard and set goals and higher expectations for the future, which has its economic benefit as well.

Bad Ecology Problems



Whatever we do, we are always followed by ecological problems standing in our way to success. Whether we want to build a potent business or provide a comfortable living for our family, we always bump into ecological complications. Environmental degradation stands behind all those problems that do not allow us to live as we want. Degradation does not stand only for depletion of natural resources. It also implies earth’s inability to meet human needs and protect its ecosystems from the external damage.

Ecological degradation has affected all businesses in a different way. Take farmers, for example. Degradation of lands forced people to use fertilizers in excess. Organic farming is a utopia now as we cannot expect the land to produce as much yield as we need. Huge fields are polluted with fertilizers and waste products of animals that prevent natural formation of fertile humus. Huge agricultural lands are not usable without involving GM technology or chemicals.

Tourism industry bears considerable losses because of pollution and loss of biodiversity. Coastal resorts stop working if some oil has spilled from tankers. People are discouraged from visiting areas that earn mostly because of the flow of tourists.

Health care seems to be the only industry that is likely to earn more from ecological degradation. Many new or rare diseases become widespread because of ecological catastrophes. Even routine air pollution makes people consult their doctors more often if they have asthma, for example. The pharmaceutical industry is not likely to go down as well. Ecological threats pose more challenges to a human body that can be addressed with the right drug. High rates of cancer and diabetes make researchers work harder to create a life-saving drug.

Impact of technology on interpersonal communication



Interpersonal communication is a comprehensive category that includes workplace, group, intimate, and romantic interaction. Influenced by the Internet and its advantages, communication in all these spheres has largely transformed. 90% of individuals irrespective of their lifestyles are present on social networks every day. Each of us is accessible to the others every time. Our boss, spouse or completely unknown person can contact us whenever they need. People do not hesitate to interact, they cannot see any limits to communication now. And many of them find this exact factor discouraging.

A vast sociological research conducted in the US confirmed that the increase in wealth and quality of life caused higher isolation among Americans. Constant online accessibility made communication such a routine thing you want to avoid. Many people got tired of empty chatting that took their time and did not give back anything in particular. Under the impact of technology, we became lazier: why go hang out with peers if you are already connected online?

To put some advantages of technology, it simplified business communication. In many cases, you need only safe online connection to work productively and report your progress to the manager. Even in traditional offices, communicating per e-mail sufficiently accelerates performance. Technology has simplified interaction between a provider of services and their clients. In most cases, clients do not even need to communicate with the provider to get their services.

As a result, the impact of technology on interaction is diverse. We cannot address online channels of communication as a negative phenomenon because we gain even more than we loose with the Internet. In fact, the culture of communication is individual to all people, and those who use the net responsibly never complain about how dramatically the technology has changed their lives.