The need to achieve essay sample


The problem with this all-consuming need to achieve is that a person quite often loses a lot trying to achieve everything or trying to be like someone else. In other words, people are not even happy when doing something. The simply do it because that’s what everyone else is doing.

What is also important to highlight in this respect is that such people may also be not as good at doing their jobs as we consider them to be. The thing is that they are oriented at achieving as much as possible which is the reason why they quite often forget about quality. Their only concern is quantity.

Taking all that into account, the problem is hidden deep down. What it means is that we should strive to eliminate this trend according to which a person is supposed to achieve everything by a certain age. Any person should first and foremost be comfortable with who they are and go at a pace which they find the most appropriate. Take a look at additional materials regarding this matter at …




Innovation is magic essay sample


Basically, the main reason why innovation can sometimes be viewed as something magical is because of the fact that it motivates people to be creative. Surely, the ability to be creative quite often leads to coming up with some unconventional ideas.

The idea behind almost every innovate product is to impress the customer. The so-called ‘wow effect’ is of great importance as it quite often leads to purchases. The only problem with innovation is that creating something truly impressive takes a lot of time. Thus, it may take years to come up with that brilliant idea which is going to change the world or influence the life of others, at least.

Besides, innovation truly is like a magic trick. You never know where it comes from or what triggers it. No one is going to explain anything. It just happens but that’s also what is so great about it. Being innovative requires time and effort. That is the reason why truly great products and services are not invented every day.  Familiarize yourself with more here …

The most useful invention essay sample


When you are dealing with such topic as the most useful invention, it is quite difficult to choose one. There are simply too many inventions which have changed the course of history or have helped us develop as a society in general.

Yet, you will still need to choose one invention and it would be right to select the printing press. The thing is that this invention has helped us skip so many years of development and get to the higher stages faster. What is more, it has been very useful in terms of sharing information as one no longer had to write everything. They could simply print as many copies as they needed. In addition, the invention of the printing press has helped to develop literacy as more people have had access to reading materials. As a result, a lot of books were printed which made it possible to the majority of people to learn how to read and how to write as well. In such a way, more people have become literate.

Technology adoption essay sample


Technology has become an essential part of our life. What is more, we cannot even imagine our life right now without technology. The thing is that we are so accustomed to having a phone with us anywhere we go that sometimes it gets out of hand. For instance, one might actually get in an accident simply by crossing the street and staring at one’s phone. The problem is that the person is so focused on their phone that they do not pay any attention to traffic on the street. What is even worse, being careless on the road might have fatal consequences.

Yet, there are lots of positive aspects of technology adoption. For instance, studying and working has become much easier since the invention of the internet. To specify, you no longer need to attend college or be physically present at the workplace as you can study and work remotely from any part of the world. What is more, you can change the cities you live in and still continue doing your work.

How has popular music been affected by technology essay sample



Digital technology has not changed music in slightest. The sounds that we all know so well could not exist without the instruments initially producing them. But replication and distribution of music were actually innovative features of the technology that overtook the production. Current digital hardware equipment and advanced software allowed producers to make all sorts of music in the studio, and amateurs with some simple software can make their own tracks. Yet only a couple of decades ago, “magic” could happen only in studios under the guidance of a producers or DJ, and today we already have some basic technology at home.

Half a century ago the first synthesizers appeared and empowered producers to create popular dance and electronic music that is a retro now. Today technological advancement is greatly associated with new genres like dubstep, techno, house, ambient etc. But electronic devices are not targeted at innovators only. Orchestral composers like Hans Zimmer create their heartbreaking symphonies merely using digital devices. They are efficient and produce high-quality precisely-copied instrumental sound replacing the entire orchestra.

While some composers (mostly those writing soundtracks) succeed at commercializing their music, we observe the clear trend towards the democratization of music. One still has to be a producer to record music in the studio, but millions of fans can try to copy their favorite music tracks at home. YouTube provides hundreds of videos on music production allowing fans to create amateur music that was impossible yet 20 years ago.

What is the cost of bike sharing city program? essay sample



The first bike sharing programs pioneered in Denver, Washington D.C. and in the Twin Cities in 2010. They were the first in the US to prove themselves as progressive world class cities. Bike sharing is nothing extraordinary these days as bikes have become the main transportation means in major European cities. Though American streets are much wider than those in historical areas of Europe, they would greatly benefit if the number of cars reduced. Noise, pollution, and congestions are always topical in cities, which puts bikes at advantage.

Despite their popularity, bike sharing programs cost money to bike advocates. To start such a program, organizations spend about $5,000 per bike including costs of docking stations. It is essential that docks were placed all over the city for people to park and take an available bike everywhere they need. Bike sharing programs can be implemented in smaller towns too. Besides, the town must not be a center of tourism for people to ride – students will eagerly register for the program to commute between campuses fast and easily. If there are enough bikes and if docs are located conveniently, every bike can make about 20 trips per day. Unfortunately, that is not enough to cover costs invested in the program.

In many cities, bike sharing programs remain subsidized because the revenue from riders covers about 80 percent of costs. Owned by nonprofit organizations, programs depend on grants and sponsors. Programs that do not expand quick enough may fail after all. It is important to integrate bikes efficiently into the overall transportation system so that people were encouraged to ride instead of taking a bus.

Impact of technology on interpersonal communication essay sample



Interpersonal communication is a comprehensive category that includes workplace, group, intimate, and romantic interaction. Influenced by the Internet and its advantages, communication in all these spheres has largely transformed. 90% of individuals irrespective of their lifestyles are present on social networks every day. Each of us is accessible to the others every time. Our boss, spouse or completely unknown person can contact us whenever they need. People do not hesitate to interact, they cannot see any limits to communication now. And many of them find this exact factor discouraging.

A vast sociological research conducted in the US confirmed that the increase in wealth and quality of life caused higher isolation among Americans. Constant online accessibility made communication such a routine thing you want to avoid. Many people got tired of empty chatting that took their time and did not give back anything in particular. Under the impact of technology, we became lazier: why go hang out with peers if you are already connected online?

To put some advantages of technology, it simplified business communication. In many cases, you need only safe online connection to work productively and report your progress to the manager. Even in traditional offices, communicating per e-mail sufficiently accelerates performance. Technology has simplified interaction between a provider of services and their clients. In most cases, clients do not even need to communicate with the provider to get their services.

As a result, the impact of technology on interaction is diverse. We cannot address online channels of communication as a negative phenomenon because we gain even more than we loose with the Internet. In fact, the culture of communication is individual to all people, and those who use the net responsibly never complain about how dramatically the technology has changed their lives.