Self-serving altruism


Altruism is viewed as a very good quality as it presupposes that a person is able to do something for others. What is more, this person is not going to expect anything in return. Speaking about such notion as self-serving altruism, what it means is that such quality can be really beneficial for the person. In other words, it simply makes the person feel good about themselves when they do something good. What is more, it makes them feel even better when they help other people.

What should also be taken into consideration is that people nowadays have become quite cruel. No one cares much about others which is the reason why altruism is so appreciated. It has become a rare quality to do something not only for yourself, but also for others.  That is the reason why any indication of altruism is always spotted. Well, the idea is to do more good deeds as helping others is one of those things which both defines and makes all of us humans.

Do grocery bags manipulate our mind?


There is no doubt that those people who bring grocery bags to the store are obviously the ones who care about the environment a lot. Well, there is an idea according to which people are even inclined to buy more organic food when they bring reusable shopping bags. In such a way, the feeling of helping the environment is created as they want to do more and more.

Surely, one should also mention that there are people whose main priority is to waste less. In addition, there are certain people who have just started doing something good for the environment which is why having that feeling of accomplishing something might actually motivate them to continue doing so. Apart from that, bringing your own grocery bag to the supermarket is usually the first step to being involved in environmental issues. People start finding out more about the current state of affairs and research those issues in detail. As a result, they also start doing more so that to help their planet continue being a suitable place for the whole mankind to live.



Well, there is no need to explain why the so-called humblebragging is considered to be a lousy tactic. What is more, it is even worse when the person is trying to use this tactic during job interviews. When you are trying to say something good about yourself but also mention something bad trying to cover the good part, people do not respond well to that. You are obviously trying to promote yourself but you do not want it to sound straightforward which is why you are immediately searching for something unflattering to mention.

All people love to brag in one way or another. Yet, we have told that it is not a very nice thing to do which is the reason why so many people search for various hidden ways in which it can be done. What is more, they may not even realize that they humblebrag until someone points it out. So, this is definitely a phenomenon to analyze in detail when one wants to figure out how it all has started as well as what to do about it.

Psychological influence in negotiation


Surely, the element of psychological influence is always present when it comes to negotiations. The whole nature of any kind of negotiations is to persuade someone to accept something. Thus, a lot of tactics may be used in order to achieve that.

What should also be highlighted is that the ability to negotiate is not that easy to master. In other words, you need to be able to convince people. Quite often you will not have a lot of time to do that which is why you are supposed to present your point of view in a short and concise way.

Apart from that, a lot of people come to negotiations having a completely different opinion regarding a particular issue. Yet, the ability to be a good negotiator quite often helps to change that situation. For instance, one may convince someone to invest in their company when they are able to provide good arguments. There are lots of ways in which using psychological influence in negotiations will turn out to be really beneficial.

Making more money will not make you happier


The majority of mankind is convinced that making more money is the only thing that is going to make them happier. That is the reason why so many people are obsessed with having a well-paid job. Their main goal is to make more money. What is more, such people are quite often not really interested in what they do. They simply have all necessary skills to do their jobs properly which allows them to achieve success and to earn more money.

However, money is not that kind of thing which brings happiness. Surely, money can help someone get all those things they have been dreaming of but it is impossible to buy happiness with money. Apart from that, a lot of rich people have realized that which is why they are trying to do those things which bring them eternal happiness. Those are lots of different experiences and some of them do not even require huge sums of money. The more life experience a person has, the more likely they are going to realize that money isn’t everything.

Perfectionism is linked to depression and anxiety


There is no doubt that there are some perfectionists in your friend circle. These are those kinds of people who are so keen on doing everything perfectly that they will not even submit their work until they are sure that it is exceptional and impeccable.

Perfectionism may be viewed as a good quality in a lot of cases. However, there are several mental issues to be taken into consideration as well. The thing is that perfectionism may lead to both anxiety and depression. The reason why it happens is quite obvious: the person is too focused on doing everything the right way that they quite often do not realize that sometimes there is simply nothing more which can be improved. As a result, they are worried about the project they are working on which cause dissatisfaction with the process as well as leads to the inability to submit anything at all. This is a serious issue which should be taken into consideration, especially when you know that either you or some of your friends are perfectionists.

The effects of sexual, racial and religious discrimination


We live in the 21st century, yet it is still hard for some people to realize that any kind of discrimination is simply wrong. Apart from the fact that being discriminated brings a lot of people down, quite often the effects are much more severe than that.

You are probably aware of the fact that a lot of people tend to have mental health issues when they are constantly discriminated based on their sexual orientation, gender/racial identification or religious beliefs. What is even worse, a lot of those people attempt suicide and quite often those attempts are unfortunately successful.

What is of essential importance in this respect is to explain to the population of the whole world that any person on this planet has the right to be who they are without hiding their identities. Judging others based on their religion, race, skin color, gender or sexual orientation is simply wrong. Besides, we do not have the right to judge other people. It is not our right to decide what other people should believe in.

Affects of peer pressure


Peer pressure is usually viewed as a negative experience which creates a lot of problems for kids as well as teenagers. The thing is that kids and teenagers are simply unable to analyze what this experience means as well as how they can benefit from it. Well, it is quite obvious as they are too young to be rational all the time.

Even though peer pressure might lead to some anxiety issues, it is important to explain to the child that there will always be completion in life. Thus, the child needs to be ready for that. What is more, the more skilled they become, the more likely they are to achieve success.

What it all boils down to is that peer pressure can actually serve as motivation for a person to get better, to work harder and to take more steps in order to reach their goal. Sometimes being competitive comes in handy. Apart from that, it simply helps to prepare the teenager for the outside world in which they will sometimes need to work really hard to in order to become they person they have dreamed to be.

Dealing with failure


Dealing with failure is obviously much harder than dealing with success because you need to find the right motivation to continue doing what you are doing in order to reach all those goals which you have set. There is no doubt that not everything turns out the way you have planned it to be. Yet, it is always hard to accept the fact that you have failed and it is quite clear why.

Even though one may feel very frustrated or even desperate, it is important to keep in mind that a lot of things in our life are temporary. Thus, you might have failed this time but you are definitely going to succeed the next time. The more you try, the more likely you are to achieve that goal.

Apart from that, one should not forget that failure is still experience. Therefore, you might actually learn something from it which is truly great. What is more, you will also be prepared for similar situations in future and will be able to solve such problems faster.

Bulimia and anorexia


You are most definitely aware of the fact that bulimia and anorexia are two types of eating disorders. Even though the symptoms of them are different, the cause is the same. People so desperately want to lose weight because they somehow have this idea that they are supposed to look like everyone else. What is more, the idea of how a person is supposed to look like is quite often popularized by the media. As a result, a lot of young girls look at those pictures and come to the conclusion that they need to look the same which is completely wrong.

The problem is that we do not popularize body positivity. What matters the most is to explain why being different is actually really great. Furthermore, we need to teach a lot of people to be comfortable in their own bodies. In such a way, they will also have less health issues to deal with, to say nothing of the fact that they will simply feel happier. As a result, they will have all necessary confidence to make all their dreams come true.