Self-management essay sample


The question whether self-management is effective or not is quite popular these days. Obviously, it is not a new idea but it has gained some attention recently. What is important to highlight is that self-management does not necessarily relate to freelance work in the process of which you are supposed to manage your own time as well as decide when to work and when to rest. A person working in the office can also be asked to be their own manager. In this case, they might also be asked to define their job as well as dwell upon those work aspects which they consider to be of primary importance.

The success of such idea is yet to be determined as there is still not enough information to conduct a proper research. The good news is that the amount of companies is constantly growing which presupposes that there are at least some materials to work with. If you are interested in the subject under consideration and want to familiarize yourself with detailed information, feel free to go to …

Who should bear the responsibility for making change in the society: individual citizens or elected officials essay sample


It is important to highlight the fact that both elected officials and individual citizens are responsible for making change in the society. The thing is that we do all those positive changes so that to make sure that our world is a safe and pleasant place to live. In such a way, it is important to do more as well as encourage others to take active part as well.

One can even say that it is personal responsibility of every human being to take care of the planet as well as to do more so that to make sure that life on Earth is going to be comfortable for future generations.

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Collective genius essay sample


Probably, there is no need to explain what a collective genius is. This is that kind of thing that a lot of companies have. Thus, it helps them come up with unique ideas and surprise not only their customers, but also the whole world. It is true that not everything can be done alone. Yet, even the most complicated tasks can be accomplished when the team is really devoted to doing that and achieving that goal. That is exactly when collective genius becomes noticeable. A lot of people work on the same project, share their ideas and create something truly impressive.

Collective genius is that kind of thing which moves the company forward as well as helps it stand out which is the reason why so many companies are desperately trying to find such genius. However, it may take quite a lot of time for some companies to create that. Yet, it is important to keep going. If you want to familiarize yourself with examples as well as see how this aspect has been implemented, do not hesitate to go to …










The role of experience essay sample


There is no need to highlight how important experience is, especially when it comes to jobs which are closely connected with securing people’s lives. What is more, a more experienced person might actually save someone’s life in some dangerous situation.

Apart from that, one should also mention that experience is almost always one of the most significant requirements when one is applying for a job. The majority of companies need people who have vast experience in the areas of their specialization. In most cases it is even one of the main prerequisites. However, there is also another idea that people without any experience in the field should be given more chances in order to prove that they are able to learn fast. All in all, a lot depends on the type of job under consideration as well as the level of responsibility a person has while doing that job. If you want to take a look at detailed information regarding that issue, keep in mind that you will come across lots of useful materials here …

Why do we forget our own bad behavior essay sample


You have undoubtedly noticed that people always tend to forget that they have done something really bad or stupid which results in repeating that mistake again. That is the reason why it is so difficult to beat our harmful habits. Apart from that, we are usually not as hard on ourselves as we probably should be.

Even though it seems that the state of affairs is quite bad in regards to the subject under consideration, there are a few things we can do to change it for the better. For instance, it has proven useful to write down everything that you have done during the day. In such a way, you will have written proof in front of you. When the subject under consideration is the cheating behavior of employees in the workplace, one might try the following: employees should reflect on their day more. Thus, they will stay updated as you what they have done. As a result, it will become much easier to learn from their own mistakes.

The feeling of being stuck essay sample


The feeling of being stuck is that kind of thing which probably every single person on the planet has experienced. The thing is that it might be quite exhausting to feel that, to say nothing of the fact that it simply prevents you from moving forward. As a result, you are unable to reach all those goals you have on time which may be quite frustrating.

Another aspect to mention in this respect is that you might be stuck for a very long period of time. Surely, you will most definitely regret wasting so much time. However, the problem is that you do not always know how to fight that feeling of being stuck. Perhaps, the best advice when you face a situation like this is simply to keep going as it is the only thing which which will help you overcome all obstacles. Apart from that, it is also important to highlight that the feeling of being stuck is something you are most likely going to experience from time to time which is why you should be able to know how to deal with.

How to break the smartphone addiction essay sample


Well, you have obviously noticed that using a smartphone has certainly turned into an addiction. People are constantly on their phones forgetting that real life still exists. They would rather chat using their phones rather than talk to a friend beside them. If this tendency continues to grow, our future does not seem as bright as we want it to be.

Breaking this smartphone addiction is not that simple as people are too used to being on their phones all the time. Luckily, there is something which can be done. The most important aspect to mention is that sooner or later the person realizes that it has gone too far. Thus, they try not to stare at their screen all the time. Instead, they learn how to enjoy the moment once again. We have unfortunately forgotten how to do that. What also works is realizing how horrifying it is to look at someone who does not even notice the world around them. It is possible to live a fulfilling life without a smartphone.


Time pressure and creativity essay sample


There is a belief that a person might actually get more creative when they are short for time. The thing is that such situations help our brains works faster and come up with unconventional solutions which quite often results in some really beneficial outcomes.

However, there is another aspect to take into consideration. The thing is that being under pressure does not work as a motivator for a lot of people. What is even worse, they get really overwhelmed and become unable to do their best. Obviously, it influences their ability to come up with creative ideas which is the reason why it is important for a leader to decide which employee works better under pressure and which doesn’t. In such a way, it will be possible to get the best results in all cases. What is important to remember is that it takes time to implement a creative idea which is the reason why rushing into it is not always the best option. Being creative quite often requires having a lot of time to think.

Ways to create lasting change essay sample


Lasting change is that kind of thing which keeps your employees searching for new ideas. However, what it is of great importance in this respect is to be able to organize that change in a smart and constructive way.

Here are a few aspects to take into account when it comes to creating lasting change. Perhaps, the most important thing is to never stop learning and exploring. In such a way, you will always have something new to offer which will definitely stimulate change. Apart from that, it is also important to have a set of goals which your company is trying to achieve and to share that information with all your employers. What is necessary to highlight in this respect is that one needs to address those goals after a certain period of time in order to make some changes. Another vital element is to divide the tasks and to have every employee stay focused only on their aspect. It helps solve problems faster as well as increases quality of task accomplishment.

Positive professional image essay sample



Probably, there is no need to explain in detail what a positive professional image is. It is quite clear that a person who projects such image is very serious about the job they do. They keep it very professional and never stop improving. Yet, they also know that having a good laugh is also an integral part of any work environment.

In other words, what a positive professional image means is that a particular person is concentrated on achieving all their professional goals, yet they also remember to stay human and not to overload everyone with work. As you have already understood,  the balance should always exist, otherwise it is very easy to burn out.

A lot of leaders project a positive professional image when they show determination to complete all tasks but also remember how important it is to enjoy themselves while doing that. Apart from that, they also manage to create a bond with all their employees which has a tremendous influence on the working atmosphere. These are the key elements of what projecting a positive professional image