Bullying prevention strategies work essay sample


Taking into account the fact that bullying is still a widely discussed topic, one cannot say that we have managed to tackle this problem. Yet, the situation has definitely got better which is good news. What it all boils down to is that bullying prevention strategies actually work which is a good sign. A lot has been done in order to change the situation for the better which is the reason why it is truly great that at least something is working.

What is important to highlight in this respect is that most schools have started implementing various plans with the help of which it is possible to prevent bullying. In addition, students who bully others usually get punished for doing that. Obviously, there is still a lot of cyber bullying to deal with. The good news is that some steps are taken in order to tackle that aspect as well. The more bullying prevention strategies are implemented in life, the faster we will able to solve this problem one and for all.

Is cheating out of control essay sample


Cheating is not allowed at schools and universities, yet it exists. This is probably the most frustrating thing about this issue and there isn’t much we can do about it. Obviously, students usually get punished for cheating. However, there is no so-called cheating prevention program or incentive with the help of which students would not develop the tendency to cheat.

Perhaps, what is important for a lot of people to understand is that cheating is going to have a negative effect on that person in the first place. In other words, they are most definitely going to face a situation in which they will need some knowledge but they will be unable to recall it as they have simply cheated at school or college. Clearly, one can easily solve this problem and acquire all necessary knowledge and experience. However, it takes a lot of time which presupposes that the opportunity may already be lost. Even though it is quite understandable that it is impossible to be prepared for every single subject at school all the time, cheating is still something which should not be as common as it is right now.

Reasons why court proceedings should be televised essay sample


One of the main reasons why court proceedings should be televised is that it helps to keep the government honest. In such a way, they are aware that they are in real time. Thus, no one is going to try winning the case in some dishonest way.

What is more, it is also better for defendant, to say nothing of the fact that every person will be able to observe the way in which the case is presented in the court, take a look at evidence and at least decide for themselves whether the person guilty or not. When the court proceeding is televised, there is less room for speculation.

Apart from that, watching a court proceeding on TV is educational as you are able to learn more about your rights. Surely, it is also a great opportunity for law students (and those who want to get a degree in this field) to take a look at the way in which lawyers present their case in court and communicate with the prosecution and the judge.

What causes criminal behavior essay sample



There are no clearly-cut explanations for why an individual becomes a criminal. We suspect that violence in a family is one of many contributing factors, but we cannot guarantee that every child from a cruel family is destined to becoming an adult criminal. Family issues, mental specifics, socioeconomic environment, and peer pressure are the major factors that explain cruelty, and people with criminal inclination are subject to several or all of them.

All of the risk factors are quite predictable. As scientists have not found any particular genes that cause criminal behavior, the pressure of social environment comes in the spotlight. Poverty and negative family impacts usually come hand in hand, and criminologist may not even bother searching for more reasons behind one’s criminal nature. And that is how the surface factors mislead criminologists.

Another common factor widely associated with crime is a mental illness. Though the total number of people with mental illness is about 20 percent all over the US, they make up a majority of inmates in state and federal prisons. Though so many people with depression or dementia are more dangerous to themselves than to the society, the correlation between psychotic conditions and crime is undeniable.

Juvenile delinquency often comes as a result of peer pressure. Children are especially susceptible to provocations and tend to do before they think. It is not a rare case when parents of entirely healthy, disciplined, and kind children are reported that their child has been involved in some petty crime. Certainly, the peer pressure stimulates crime when no other factors can cause it.

The most effective bullying prevention strategies essay sample



Bullying is an inevitable part of a school life because of one unchangeable condition – all children are different. And not all of them can control their emotions and behavior in the peer environment where they can possibly become leaders. So, children who think they are superior to others allow themselves to insult timid kids who are usually antisocial, scared, and unconfident. Therefore, bullies target those who allow being bullied revealing their weakness and fear. But bullying is an act of aggression, in the first place, and it cannot be justified by any excuse.

It would be fair to make parents responsible for the social behavior of their children. After all, bullying frequently results from violence in the family or child abuse. The problem is that parents will never suspect that their child is a bully unless they see them among the peers. Teachers and staff are much more likely to discover a bully among students. Researchers claim that zero-tolerance policies do not work, therefore, principals must find the way to handle cases of bullying without expelling kids.

It is important that parents and teachers combined their efforts to eliminate bullying. In case if parents of bullies refuse to recognize the behavior of their kids, schools shall apply some punishment. Special prevention groups shall assist teachers to improve the climate in groups. Work in groups is very important because bullies rarely act on their own. They have the courage to attack if there is a clique of adherents behind their backs.

Will reducing the causes of poverty reduce crime?essay sample



Believe it or not, poverty is the main reason behind crimes in the society. This statement was supported by the statistics from World Bank that shows lower crime rates in areas with high equality and income. Numerous cases of homicide, drug trafficking, violence, and vandalism are explained by the lack of money or other essential resources. People who can hardly make their living do not care about values of others too much – they feel injustice towards themselves and easily justify violent actions as attempts to restore the balance.

Reduction of crimes is not something we can directly reinforce. Education works quite well to the extent when people have a chance to apply it and earn income and social position. Otherwise, the community starts searching for easy ways to get basic commodities. Prevention of crimes shall include comprehensive work on boosting security of income and opportunities for the lowest social class.

Unemployment is a problem that shall be addressed in the first place. Safe workplaces with a steady salary give people a hope for further growth. Unless the community can afford housing, health care, and medicine, they will rely on petty crimes to serve their needs. The low-income teenage community needs more involvement in social life alongside their middle-income peers. The only way for them to get an education is to stay active and motivated to achieve heights their parents have never seen.

Combating poverty is a challenging task, and it is not merely about justice or fairness. Being financially secure means safety and broader development opportunities.


Mental disorders are often wrongly diagnosed and treated essay sample



The recent hype around the rise of mental disorders made Americans even more anxious. Bipolar disorder, ADHD, generalized anxiety disorder, and many others are routinely diagnosed in children and adults. While parents keep panicking about their child having a mental disorder, the child may simply develop at their own pace or have another condition that looks like ADHD.

Misdiagnosis happens so often because there are little objective criteria in psychiatry. We have no biological markers that would confirm ADHD or depression. If a patient can take a genetic test and tell for sure whether they have inherited Parkinson’s,  for example, everything is a bit more complicated about bipolar disorder.

Ambiguity in symptoms and their descriptions makes more questions than answers in diagnosing a mental disorder.  For example, symptoms of ADHD may indicate to other mental diseases (bipolar disorder, autism) or even physical conditions (hypoglycemia, hearing problems, or sleep disorders). All in all, parents may assume their children have a disorder in quite normal situations. There is still nothing wrong with kids getting bored, rebellious, or hyperactive every now and then.

Another cause of misdiagnosis is the wrong qualification of health care provider. In many cases, parents apply to psychologists or psychotherapists who are not qualified to diagnose a mental illness. They rely upon misleading information from caregivers and can interview the patient in a wrong way, which is the shortest way to misdiagnosis. In many cases, a diagnose is required to prescribe just any treatment supposed to bring relief. For this reason, overmedication occurs so frequently in patients who search for non-existent disorders.