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Is it better to be a night owl or an early bird essay sample


The thing is that a lot depends on a particular person when the issue in question is whether it is better to be a night owl or an early bird. Some people are more productive in the morning which is the reason why they get a lot of things done in the first hours after waking up. These people are called early birds.

Other people enjoy working in the evening or late at night and they are called night owls. The bottom line here is that each person should determine for themselves which way is better for them: to do most of the work in the morning or at night. The reason why it is important is because of the fact that the person may simply learn how to manage their time better. As a result, they will get more things done which is the basically the goal of every person.

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Habit formation essay sample


There is no doubt that everyone has tried to form some positive or useful habits but it is not always as successful as we want it to be. That is the reason why it is interesting to find out more about habit formation. In addition, knowing about it might actually help you get better at that. The thing is that you will be aware of the whole mechanism. As a result, you will manage to implement all that in life.

There is a theory that you need to do something for 33 days until it becomes a habit. Well, it is not the only way to get used to doing something but the approach itself is what matters here. To specify, you are supposed to repeat that action every day as it is the best way to make sure that it becomes a habit. For instance, you should go for a run every morning or at least a few times during the week in case that is what you are aiming for. Working on this subject right now? Want to find more? Need examples? Do not hesitate to visit …

The role of experience essay sample


There is no need to highlight how important experience is, especially when it comes to jobs which are closely connected with securing people’s lives. What is more, a more experienced person might actually save someone’s life in some dangerous situation.

Apart from that, one should also mention that experience is almost always one of the most significant requirements when one is applying for a job. The majority of companies need people who have vast experience in the areas of their specialization. In most cases it is even one of the main prerequisites. However, there is also another idea that people without any experience in the field should be given more chances in order to prove that they are able to learn fast. All in all, a lot depends on the type of job under consideration as well as the level of responsibility a person has while doing that job. If you want to take a look at detailed information regarding that issue, keep in mind that you will come across lots of useful materials here …

Why people don’t vote essay sample


It is not a secret that a lot of people no longer believe in voting. That is the reason why so many of them do not even go to the polling stations. Perhaps, the problem is that a lot of people no longer believe that something can be changed or they simply do not see a candidate who will represent their beliefs properly in the government. There are lots of reasons to take into account. However, what is known for a fact is that less people vote these days.

What is really disturbing is that people no longer believe that something can be changed. They have

lost their hope. What should also be taken into consideration is that it is harder to change the world for the better when less people are engaged in this process. Voting is a part of that process as choosing the right candidate is going to help pass important bills. Interested in the subject under consideration? Want to find out more about this issue? Do not hesitate to proceed to …

Can too much focus be a problem essay sample


Being focused on something is usually viewed as a good quality and it actually is. However, there are several pitfalls to take into consideration. For instance, being completely concentrated on something might actually lead to burning out which is not a good thing. Besides, it is definitely going to impact both productivity as well as the ability to come up with top quality pieces of writing.

What it all boils down to is that taking breaks in of great importance no matter what you do. Even if you need it done really soon, you should try to take at least a few short breaks while you are working on it as it is the best way for your brain to recharge and to concentrate on something completely different. Apart from that, it is also advantageous as you may easily come up with a truly great idea while you are making tea, for instance. Do not forget that balance is of great significance. It is an inevitable part of everything you do.

How to break the smartphone addiction essay sample


Well, you have obviously noticed that using a smartphone has certainly turned into an addiction. People are constantly on their phones forgetting that real life still exists. They would rather chat using their phones rather than talk to a friend beside them. If this tendency continues to grow, our future does not seem as bright as we want it to be.

Breaking this smartphone addiction is not that simple as people are too used to being on their phones all the time. Luckily, there is something which can be done. The most important aspect to mention is that sooner or later the person realizes that it has gone too far. Thus, they try not to stare at their screen all the time. Instead, they learn how to enjoy the moment once again. We have unfortunately forgotten how to do that. What also works is realizing how horrifying it is to look at someone who does not even notice the world around them. It is possible to live a fulfilling life without a smartphone.


Dealing with failure essay sample


Dealing with failure is obviously much harder than dealing with success because you need to find the right motivation to continue doing what you are doing in order to reach all those goals which you have set. There is no doubt that not everything turns out the way you have planned it to be. Yet, it is always hard to accept the fact that you have failed and it is quite clear why.

Even though one may feel very frustrated or even desperate, it is important to keep in mind that a lot of things in our life are temporary. Thus, you might have failed this time but you are definitely going to succeed the next time. The more you try, the more likely you are to achieve that goal.

Apart from that, one should not forget that failure is still experience. Therefore, you might actually learn something from it which is truly great. What is more, you will also be prepared for similar situations in future and will be able to solve such problems faster.

Dealing with success essay sample


Surely achieving success in something a person should be proud of as they have probably been working for years in order to reach that goal. However, there is another aspect which should definitely be taken into account. The thing is that it is sometimes quite difficult to deal with success, especially when you experience something like that for the first time.

To specify, a lot of people are not quite sure how to behave, to say nothing of the fact that such kind of success usually comes with possessing huge sums of money. What it all boils down to is that a lot of people cannot handle becoming rich which is the reason why their attitude towards others changes greatly. What is important to remember in this case is that success is temporary no matter how hard you try. In other words, one should be aware of the fact that they they may easily lose everything they have been working so hard for. Therefore, it is necessary to remain a good person no matter what.

Bulimia and anorexia essay sample


You are most definitely aware of the fact that bulimia and anorexia are two types of eating disorders. Even though the symptoms of them are different, the cause is the same. People so desperately want to lose weight because they somehow have this idea that they are supposed to look like everyone else. What is more, the idea of how a person is supposed to look like is quite often popularized by the media. As a result, a lot of young girls look at those pictures and come to the conclusion that they need to look the same which is completely wrong.

The problem is that we do not popularize body positivity. What matters the most is to explain why being different is actually really great. Furthermore, we need to teach a lot of people to be comfortable in their own bodies. In such a way, they will also have less health issues to deal with, to say nothing of the fact that they will simply feel happier. As a result, they will have all necessary confidence to make all their dreams come true.

Self-assurance essay sample


Basically, what the term ‘self-assurance’ means is that a person is confident in their opinions and actions. What is important to highlight in this respect is that self-assurance is a great quality which will definitely become rather useful for you.

However, it is significant to keep in mind that being too confident in oneself is not a pleasant character trait. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to keep that balance. The reason why it is so important to be confident in yourself is that you might miss some great opportunity simply because you are convinced that you are not ready or that you do not possess enough knowledge and experience. The trick is that you will never know until you try. This is how everything in life works. You need to try it to be completely sure. In most cases the only thing that is stopping us is fear itself. Therefore, you need to figure out how to eliminate that fear in order to make your dreams come true.