Dealing with success essay sample


Surely achieving success in something a person should be proud of as they have probably been working for years in order to reach that goal. However, there is another aspect which should definitely be taken into account. The thing is that it is sometimes quite difficult to deal with success, especially when you experience something like that for the first time.

To specify, a lot of people are not quite sure how to behave, to say nothing of the fact that such kind of success usually comes with possessing huge sums of money. What it all boils down to is that a lot of people cannot handle becoming rich which is the reason why their attitude towards others changes greatly. What is important to remember in this case is that success is temporary no matter how hard you try. In other words, one should be aware of the fact that they they may easily lose everything they have been working so hard for. Therefore, it is necessary to remain a good person no matter what.

Are teachers in the private schooling sector more dedicated than those in public schools essay sample



As parents find the performance of their children totally different in public and private schools, so think teachers about their career prospects in different educational structures. Private schools look much more appealing with their environment, curricula, and schedules than public schools with children from the disadvantaged background, overload, and principal’s pressure. However, those who once applied to both types know that different schools are also very alike. You have to work like an enthusiast without the slightest need for personal life in both of them. But still, every school has its own specifics that form different demands from their staff.

Though the public school environment causes much distress to teachers, private establishments are not a bed of roses either. State schools require constant multitasking for a teacher to create dozens of lesson plans, but in private schools teachers stand under the very close watch of the parents. People who pay considerable sums for the education of their children give no excuse for staff that is not enough efficient. Besides, private schools may also require teachers to be competent in sports and arts that are an essential part of the curriculum.

We can hardly make public school teachers less dedicated just because they feel so many challenges to effective functioning – just on the contrary. If a state school teacher does not run away after years of work, they are very committed to their occupation indeed. The problem is that bureaucracy, plenty of task, huge classrooms, and lack of time to teach make educators in public school inefficient. Many of them struggle to keep up with tasks in their free time and eventually give up teaching. Private schools make more comfortable conditions for teachers to work with students in the first place.

Do teachers currently have much influence on the character formation of the students in their care essay sample


A great part of their day, students spend interacting in their school environment. Children do not enjoy education equally, and each of them gives a different value to their daily companions. This directly determines the impact of the school on their personality formation. Having different types of temperaments, some students are easier to influence than another, but, in general, all children are to the greater extent shaped by their school culture.

School leaders surely set new trends, but these people are not teachers. Students are much more susceptible to the peer’s authority that often creates problems for teachers. The latter have an extremely limited influence on the youth that is limited to a couple of obedient individuals. The rest of students prefer to take a rebellious stand to show that the teacher’s approach to influencing students is much outdated. On the other hand, rebellious mood is facilitated by the teacher’s behavior.

Teachers temperament predetermines the attitude of students. Lenient and timid educators allow students trespass and humiliate themselves emotionally, while tough uncompromising educators leave no room to insults. Even more, authoritarian teachers may suppress phlegmatic students. Sensitive persons and introverts may take an authoritarian style as an insult to their autonomy in the classroom, which inevitably poisons the learning environment. In practice, aggressive teaching methods may improve the discipline and performance to some extent, but they cause emotional distress to those who are never asked to keep silence.

During their teenage years, students and their characters are little influenced by teachers in particular. But on the larger scale, the school with its connections and peer culture shapes children with their perspectives and choices.

Is the role of the head teacher or principal more of an administrator or manager essay sample



To teachers and students, the principle became a person to resolve the most complicated school issues. If you are not really in trouble, there is no point bothering principals who are busy receiving and implementing instructions from the district supervisors. At the same time, principals have numerous responsibilities regarding teacher evaluation, student discipline, and staff guidance. And though the head teachers are supposed to be balanced within all their roles, in the reality many principals are as overloaded as an ordinary teacher under their supervision.

Although the principal is completely a managerial position, the person remains to be a teacher given extra responsibilities. In some public schools, principals continue teaching on the daily basis. Though classes take time that could be spent on bureaucratic work, teaching is the way for principals to stay in touch with their student. Therefore, head teachers can adequately evaluate problems emerging in the school environment and the best ways to avoid them. Managerial work has lots of requirements, but every good manager has made their way from lower levels to the top. While district supervisors may have no clue about actual school problems, head teachers are sure what their employees and students need. For this reason, every direction “from above” is thoroughly considered by the principal and obviously adjusted to the school realities.

With such broad duties, principals are entitled to be common teachers every now and then. But management shall remain their core responsibility. Effective school programs would not develop by themselves; every new idea shall be questioned and tested to reveal whether it would actually benefit the needs of this particular school.

Are teachers today less dedicated than teachers two or three decades ago essay sample



Our teachers are certainly not like those of our parents. They already left old paper books and grabbed tabs and handouts instead. They refer to online services, social media, search engines to get ready for their work that was hardly imaginable 30 years ago. But everything is supposed to have been better back then, and young teachers-to-be scratch their heads in confusion. Low salaries, overload, a pressure of standardized tests, and difficulty getting a job – that is not what they expected getting a degree.

As many teachers are ready to quit after a deep burnout, people consider them being not enough committed to their work. Indeed, the job has high requirements to the applicants who, in their turn, realize all the responsibility they take. Though the pressure existed in all times, today it has especially exacerbated. Salaries fell behind the inflation, and bureaucracy crept into the classrooms poisoning teaching experience. Besides, teachers seem to have been more independent a couple of decades ago – though a supply-demand correlation does not work in current education, the model  “manager-subordinate” precisely reflects relations between principals and teachers. Lacking their autonomy, teachers waste time adjusting to the curricular changes and directions “from above”.

In fact, we cannot estimate how much dedicated are teachers of today because educators have little chance to realize their potential and bring innovation to the classrooms. All we can say, if a newcomer does not quit in a couple of years, they are already dedicated to some extent. But many of those who eventually quit love teaching and students. They just have no chance to thrive in this occupation.

How is the university system preparing for the looming labor shortage in the short and long term essay sample


Educators predict a sharp deficit of college graduates in the US coming by 2020 unless the higher education system succeeds to invite more students to state colleges. While the demand for the qualified, properly educated workforce in the economy merely rises, the actual number of applicants with college diploma inevitably drops. Healthcare, education, community service, and science all need a properly educated workforce to expand and develop, not even to mention replacement of retiring baby-boomers in their workplaces.

Despite the looming shortage, many current college graduates do not feel really demanded. Not all of these young people have succeeded to find a profitable job that could compensate for the costs of their tuition. It looks like all the college years and student debt were not worth the mediocre outcome. As a result, high school graduates hesitate to enter state colleges wishing to go earn their money right away.

At the moment, colleges do not particularly encourage students admission. Tuition costs are naturally rising, and the majority of high school graduates come from middle-to-low income families. The next reason for low college graduation rates is a dropout. Coming to campus with high expectations, freshmen realize that they are still unprepared for the first year of college or have chosen the wrong path. Some of them choose to drop out and apply to another faculty, and the other decide to do without a college degree at all. Those who remain in colleges frequently feel that they are wasting time with unnecessary subjects, but there is no particular choice for them – either drop out or go ahead to graduation.

Universities and colleges shall definitely attract more freshmen and be able to retain them. Providing more bread-winning degrees and filling curricula with popular subjects, institutions can at least assure students that they do not waste their post-secondary years and money.


Do Montessori-educated pre-schoolers fare better in language and math skills over other young scholars who have not been through the Montessori method essay sample



Montessori philosophy is not new to the classrooms. With more than a century of progressive learning, the method proposed by Italian educator Maria Montessori proved to be effective in making pre-schoolers learn independently, without lecturing and using fixed curricula. In the alternative to traditional schooling, children are classified according to their performance level and learn through play. They move freely around the room choosing age-appropriate activities they would like to do right away. Montessori classrooms put a stress on teaching children to be independent and make own decisions. Children learn to serve themselves without the assistance of an adult.

The Montessori method is beneficial because it does not imply children learning any extra skills beyond their current abilities. Math and languages are not directly taught in the classrooms for children will certainly master them as soon as they are ready. American psychologists found that Montessori preschoolers did a better progress in math and reading at the age of 6-7. These children were better prepared for sophisticated academic disciplines. While Montessori education is targeted at developing concentration, motivation, and self-discipline, academic success derives from such very basic skills.

What children love about a Montessori classroom is its non-competitive friendly environment. Children aged 3 to 6 are expected to learn together and help each other. Starting a new activity for the first time, a teacher shows kids what they are expected to do. From this point on, children can work alone or cooperate with friends and complete the task without the teacher’s guidance. At the same time, children get accustomed to cleaning their working place and putting all materials back on shelves. It is true that many traditionally-taught preschoolers are not so organized and disciplined later in the primary school when they are already required to behave like adults.

The impact of classroom management on student behaviors essay sample



It a classroom, a teacher always plays the role of manager leading students to achieving goals of the course. Supervision is a key to organize a group and make them determined to study in the class. Classroom management mostly concerns students behavior and engagement into the work that are not easy to achieve. Clearly, no student can learn if the classroom is a mess, and teachers easily reach their burnout point if they keep on shouting at students. We do not need discipline for the sake of discipline only because we have it in the school rules. We require vise classroom management to make learning easy and comfortable for everyone.

Disciplining students is not an easy task, and rather few teachers were taught classroom management strategies. Their skills in this area are primarily determined by years of experience working with kids. If the school does not provide behavior management training to teachers, the newcomers are expected to handle discipline on their own. Coming to a new classroom for the first time, many teachers get nervous. There is a chance that students are nice and eager to cooperate, but it is much more likely that they are little rebels difficult to organize.

Avoiding crucial mistakes, teachers can manage the classroom even without a specific training. First, educators have to set clear rules of behavior and always stick to them. They cannot use extremely harsh or embarrassing punishment. If a student raises any concerns, they shall refer to a school psychologist who has more expertise in the field.

Implementation of effective classroom management definitely makes it easier for students to perform. It is highly important that teacher’ s methods do not make students distressed. We have numerous examples of how draconian measures make a reverse effect on students attendance and performance in the class.

The most effective strategies for teacher leadership essay sample



Though teaching is considered to be a flat profession, teacher leadership shall be a norm of school life. Speaking of leaders, we traditionally imagine visionaries who inspire others, take on numerous responsibilities, and succeed in all of them. In fact, principals usually consider themselves to be leaders with all the managerial work, coaching teachers, watching over the discipline, giving orders every here and there etc. Unfortunately, a single person cannot account for such a wide range of responsibilities, and teachers have to overtake some functions to let principals be a good manager. In the meanwhile, teachers make up their own social group where some individuals obtain extra respect and influence.

A teacher leader is not a person issuing orders (for that we have principals). Quite on the contrary, such leader inspires other teachers to be more progressive, effective, and respectable – just like their leader. Here, leadership is not about organization but rather about development. And if you think that an experienced teacher knows everything their students need, think again. Education is a huge place for improvement. There are plenty of methods for teachers to make their lessons more understandable and interesting.

We can hardly provide tips on how to become a leader. For a teacher, leadership is an inner desire to improve and make the environment better. Many attributes of a teacher leader are qualities inherent to any good teacher who are open-minded, confident, and experienced in their field. At the same time, they have a high culture of communication that allows other teachers enjoy their company and take their leaders as an example.

Educated people should be required to volunteer as literacy tutors essay sample



Education is neither a gift nor a privilege – it is a right of every single person. Still, the National Institute of Literacy revealed that about 32 million Americans could not read in 2013. It means that more than 10 percent of people do not possess basic skills necessary to take a job and engage in social interaction. Facilitating education is as important as providing adequate health care services and securing safety for people in their own homes. The illiterate part of the community must have a chance to get some basic education in a friendly atmosphere free of charge.

Literacy tutors work at numerous education centers across the country. They are mainly volunteers devoting their time to teach other adults reading and writing skills. The demand is always high, especially when there are so many immigrants. Actually, every educated person can become a literacy volunteer without any additional training. Tutors usually help multiple categories of people. They can work with adults, children, or even immigrants if they like.

As a matter of fact, there are many people in local communities who wish to have a basic education. The problem is they do not realize that they are always eligible for getting it. For this reason, education centers shall conduct basic advertising to let people know that they exist and are ready to help. It works both ways – engages learners and attracts volunteers to cooperation.