Society problems

Making right choices


How can one define what a right choice is? How does one make them? How does one know which choice is going to be the right one? All these questions are quite philosophical and they obviously require a lot of mulling over. You simply do not have a ready answer to them. That is the reason why it is not that simple to figure out how to make right choices in life.

Apart from that, there is a different point of view to mention. The thing is that our lives are not perfect. And, perhaps, they should not be lived in a perfect way. What it all boils down to is that we do not always have to make right choices. Making wrong choices is that kind of experience which teaches us how to separate the good from the bad. What is more, such experience helps us clear our head and figure out which direction we want to take. As it turns out, there is a hidden benefit to making wrong choices.

The effects of blurred lines between personal and professional lives in the era of social networks


To begin with, it is necessary to mention there is no longer a straight line between work and leisure as a lot of people continue working at home. As a result, they do not have a lot of time so that to spend it on their hobbies. Apart from that, it is important to highlight the fact that a lot of people are friends with their colleagues or even with their boss on various social networks. Yet, the majority of people tends to be very open about their lives and activities which is the reason why their colleagues might see something which they probably should not have seen.

The whole problem with this is that it is quite difficult to take a person seriously when they see a lot of private aspects of their life on Facebook or instagram, for instance. What is even worse, a person may get fired for saying something inappropriate about their boss online. There are lots of different examples which prove that sometimes it is important to separate one’s personal and professional life.

Effects of illiteracy


When you are surrounded by people who have a college degree, it is quite difficult to imagine what it feels like when a person does not have an opportunity to study and get at least primary education. What is also significant to highlight is that such people would love to go to school but they either do not have any schools or do not have the opportunity to attend them. As a result, they are unable to get a college degree and to start working at a well-paid job. What it means is that the opportunities of people who are illiterate are quite limited, to say nothing of the fact that it creates a lot of difficulties in everyday life as well.

As you have already understood, what it all boils down to is that it is vital to tackle this problem and to deal with illiteracy. The faster we do that, the more developed the mankind is going to be. Thus, we will also be able to achieve more on a global level.

Making more money will not make you happier


The majority of mankind is convinced that making more money is the only thing that is going to make them happier. That is the reason why so many people are obsessed with having a well-paid job. Their main goal is to make more money. What is more, such people are quite often not really interested in what they do. They simply have all necessary skills to do their jobs properly which allows them to achieve success and to earn more money.

However, money is not that kind of thing which brings happiness. Surely, money can help someone get all those things they have been dreaming of but it is impossible to buy happiness with money. Apart from that, a lot of rich people have realized that which is why they are trying to do those things which bring them eternal happiness. Those are lots of different experiences and some of them do not even require huge sums of money. The more life experience a person has, the more likely they are going to realize that money isn’t everything.

We are too sensitive as a society


There is a belief that we have become too sensitive as as a society which is the reason why it is sometimes hard to make certain decisions. Well, it is quite difficult to analyze this issue as it is impossible to ask the opinion of the whole mankind. Yet, the ability to be sensitive is what makes us human. Thus, it is also that kind of quality which motivates us to help other people, to be tolerant towards others, especially when we find ourselves in difficult times.

In other words, being sensitive is what makes us a united society. To specify, this ability can be observed when a complete stranger helps you with something or when someone does not refuse to assist you with something even though it has not been something they have initially planned. We are able to understand the problems of other people even if we haven’t experienced them ourselves. That is what makes each of us a great individual. We have empathy and we are ready to help others.

Are curfews effective in terms of keeping teens out of trouble?


The first thought which crosses your mind when you hear the word ‘curfew’ is that it is something which violates the freedom of a person. Yet, there is another aspect to take into consideration when it comes to the subject in question.

The thing is that implementing such curfews might actually help keep teens out of trouble. They will already be home by a certain hour which presupposes that it will be impossible for them to hang out with people at some questionable places. What is more, they will not be able to get in trouble simply because they have been walking in a bad neighborhood late at night.

There is a belief that parents should sometimes be quite controlling when it comes to raising their kids. It is definitely going to help keep them safe. Even though the idea of having curfews seems quite outdated, it might actually prove to be very useful as every parent wants their child to be smart and to stay out of trouble, especially during teenage years.

The effects of sexual, racial and religious discrimination


We live in the 21st century, yet it is still hard for some people to realize that any kind of discrimination is simply wrong. Apart from the fact that being discriminated brings a lot of people down, quite often the effects are much more severe than that.

You are probably aware of the fact that a lot of people tend to have mental health issues when they are constantly discriminated based on their sexual orientation, gender/racial identification or religious beliefs. What is even worse, a lot of those people attempt suicide and quite often those attempts are unfortunately successful.

What is of essential importance in this respect is to explain to the population of the whole world that any person on this planet has the right to be who they are without hiding their identities. Judging others based on their religion, race, skin color, gender or sexual orientation is simply wrong. Besides, we do not have the right to judge other people. It is not our right to decide what other people should believe in.

The effects of poverty on individual


Obviously, the first effect which you are going to mention when it comes to discussing such issue as the effects of poverty on an individual is the inability to buy all those goods they need. In other words, the person is unable to buy enough products to feed oneself and their family. They do not have access to proper medical care. Sometimes they do not even have proper living conditions.

As a result, a lot of poor people are sick because they do not get enough vitamins and minerals in order for their organisms to function properly, to say nothing of the fact that they are simply unable to go to a doctor when they experience some sort of pain. Another effect of poverty on the individual is the inability of the latter to have access to quality education. Well, the poor are deprived of so many opportunities in life simply because they do not have enough money. That is the reason why it is unfair which also presupposes that the problem of poverty should finally be solved once and for all.

Dealing with failure


Dealing with failure is obviously much harder than dealing with success because you need to find the right motivation to continue doing what you are doing in order to reach all those goals which you have set. There is no doubt that not everything turns out the way you have planned it to be. Yet, it is always hard to accept the fact that you have failed and it is quite clear why.

Even though one may feel very frustrated or even desperate, it is important to keep in mind that a lot of things in our life are temporary. Thus, you might have failed this time but you are definitely going to succeed the next time. The more you try, the more likely you are to achieve that goal.

Apart from that, one should not forget that failure is still experience. Therefore, you might actually learn something from it which is truly great. What is more, you will also be prepared for similar situations in future and will be able to solve such problems faster.

Generations and age


You are definitely aware of such notion as generation gap. What is more, you have obviously experienced it as well. Perhaps, you are going to recall parts of conversations with your parents or grandparents when you have been trying to explain some idea to them but they have not been quite supportive. Well, it is quite common for the majority of families.

Yet, there are lots of examples when children have been able to influence their parents and familiarize their relatives with some new idea or notion. Apart from that, parents, in their turn, might explain some concept or idea from the past which their children cannot understand due to the fact that they simply were not born yet. What it all boils down to is that generation gap can become a source of idea exchange in case all parties are willing to do that. Surely, we all have certain opinions and beliefs. Yet, it does not mean that we should not change them and acquire some new knowledge and experience.