Why do students drop out of colleges essay sample


Well, the most obvious explanation to the issue under consideration is that a lot of students simply do not understand the whole seriousness of studying at college. They are convinced that it will be rather easy which is the reason why they do not attend classes as well as do not study at all. As a result, they are unable to pass tests which leads to some very unsatisfactory results.

Another reason why it happens is because some students are simply unable to keep up with such hectic schedule. As a result, they burn out or start legging behind. What is more, the amount of material which they get to work on may be simply too much to handle. Thus, a lot of people decide to take a break.

What should also be highlighted in this respect is that some students drop out because they realize that they are simply not ready to start studying. Thus, they decide to spend a few years doing something else and choose to get back to studies later.

Living on campus and living off campus essay sample


Both living on campus and living off campus have their advantages and disadvantages. When you live on campus, you are always aware of what is going on. Besides, it is much faster to get to classes and libraries, to say nothing of the fact that you will simply have more opportunities to go to various parties or gatherings.

Yet, you have more privacy as well as more opportunities to rest in a quite place when you live off campus. In addition, there is no one who is going to regulate when you should be back at the dorm. You have more freedom when you live off campus. The problem is that not everyone can afford to live off campus.

What is also important to highlight in this respect is that the person should decide whether to live on or off campus depending on their desire to share the room with other people as well as their temperament in general. A lot of people prefer to spend most of their time alone which is normal. However, it is not quite possible when you live on campus.

Affects of peer pressure essay sample


Peer pressure is usually viewed as a negative experience which creates a lot of problems for kids as well as teenagers. The thing is that kids and teenagers are simply unable to analyze what this experience means as well as how they can benefit from it. Well, it is quite obvious as they are too young to be rational all the time.

Even though peer pressure might lead to some anxiety issues, it is important to explain to the child that there will always be completion in life. Thus, the child needs to be ready for that. What is more, the more skilled they become, the more likely they are to achieve success.

What it all boils down to is that peer pressure can actually serve as motivation for a person to get better, to work harder and to take more steps in order to reach their goal. Sometimes being competitive comes in handy. Apart from that, it simply helps to prepare the teenager for the outside world in which they will sometimes need to work really hard to in order to become they person they have dreamed to be.

Dealing with success essay sample


Surely achieving success in something a person should be proud of as they have probably been working for years in order to reach that goal. However, there is another aspect which should definitely be taken into account. The thing is that it is sometimes quite difficult to deal with success, especially when you experience something like that for the first time.

To specify, a lot of people are not quite sure how to behave, to say nothing of the fact that such kind of success usually comes with possessing huge sums of money. What it all boils down to is that a lot of people cannot handle becoming rich which is the reason why their attitude towards others changes greatly. What is important to remember in this case is that success is temporary no matter how hard you try. In other words, one should be aware of the fact that they they may easily lose everything they have been working so hard for. Therefore, it is necessary to remain a good person no matter what.

Causes of school violence essay sample


The most obvious cause of school violence is environment at home. When children see that their parents are constantly fighting, they tend to experience anxiety, anger and frustration. Quite often they have no one to talk to about it which is why the only way for them to deal with all those emotions is to project all those feelings onto someone else. Apart from that, a lot of children simply copy the behavior and language of their parents and start perceiving it as something normal.

Another significant reason to mention in this respect is easy access to weapons. It seems terrifying but even children can get hold of some weapons when they have enough money as well as know who to go to. What should also be mentioned regarding the subject under consideration is that a lot of children do not get enough love and affection from their parents. As a result, their natural reaction is violence. Besides, some children try to deal with their anxiety and depression issues by behaving violently.

Alcohol abuse in college essay sample


Well, it is not a secret to anyone that students usually drink a lot. The reasons are quite obvious. They are finally free. Parents do not control their lives as much as they used to. They are on their own and they can do whatever they want. What is more, a lot of students usually enter the experimental phase during which they want to try almost anything, to say nothing of the fact that there are simply lots of parties at college.

The problem is that a lot of students are unable to notice when consuming huge amounts of alcohol turns into an addiction. Students are convinced that alcohol is simply a way to relax and have a good time. However, their addiction grows stronger and soon enough they are unable to have a good time unless there’s alcohol involved. Even though it is quite hard for a person to notice when they become addicted, it is probably important to listen to what their family and friends have to say. They might actually help this person involve lots of troubles.

Is college life a phase to discover who you are essay sample


You will most definitely get experimental during your college years. Well, that is probably what you are supposed to do as you are young and it is the time to shape your personality as well as figure out who you want to become. You will most definitely make mistakes but that’s what we all have done during that time.

Yet, what is important to mention here is that you may find your passion during college years which will help you figure out how to pursue it. Apart from that, you may also decide that you are not going to need a college degree so that to do what you are interested in. So, you will face a choice of getting a degree in the field you are not going to work in or of dropping out of college so that to do your thing. This is not an easy decision to make which is why you should take into consideration both pros and cons before you come up with a suitable solution.

Are teachers in the private schooling sector more dedicated than those in public schools essay sample



As parents find the performance of their children totally different in public and private schools, so think teachers about their career prospects in different educational structures. Private schools look much more appealing with their environment, curricula, and schedules than public schools with children from the disadvantaged background, overload, and principal’s pressure. However, those who once applied to both types know that different schools are also very alike. You have to work like an enthusiast without the slightest need for personal life in both of them. But still, every school has its own specifics that form different demands from their staff.

Though the public school environment causes much distress to teachers, private establishments are not a bed of roses either. State schools require constant multitasking for a teacher to create dozens of lesson plans, but in private schools teachers stand under the very close watch of the parents. People who pay considerable sums for the education of their children give no excuse for staff that is not enough efficient. Besides, private schools may also require teachers to be competent in sports and arts that are an essential part of the curriculum.

We can hardly make public school teachers less dedicated just because they feel so many challenges to effective functioning – just on the contrary. If a state school teacher does not run away after years of work, they are very committed to their occupation indeed. The problem is that bureaucracy, plenty of task, huge classrooms, and lack of time to teach make educators in public school inefficient. Many of them struggle to keep up with tasks in their free time and eventually give up teaching. Private schools make more comfortable conditions for teachers to work with students in the first place.

Do teachers currently have much influence on the character formation of the students in their care essay sample


A great part of their day, students spend interacting in their school environment. Children do not enjoy education equally, and each of them gives a different value to their daily companions. This directly determines the impact of the school on their personality formation. Having different types of temperaments, some students are easier to influence than another, but, in general, all children are to the greater extent shaped by their school culture.

School leaders surely set new trends, but these people are not teachers. Students are much more susceptible to the peer’s authority that often creates problems for teachers. The latter have an extremely limited influence on the youth that is limited to a couple of obedient individuals. The rest of students prefer to take a rebellious stand to show that the teacher’s approach to influencing students is much outdated. On the other hand, rebellious mood is facilitated by the teacher’s behavior.

Teachers temperament predetermines the attitude of students. Lenient and timid educators allow students trespass and humiliate themselves emotionally, while tough uncompromising educators leave no room to insults. Even more, authoritarian teachers may suppress phlegmatic students. Sensitive persons and introverts may take an authoritarian style as an insult to their autonomy in the classroom, which inevitably poisons the learning environment. In practice, aggressive teaching methods may improve the discipline and performance to some extent, but they cause emotional distress to those who are never asked to keep silence.

During their teenage years, students and their characters are little influenced by teachers in particular. But on the larger scale, the school with its connections and peer culture shapes children with their perspectives and choices.

How is the university system preparing for the looming labor shortage in the short and long term essay sample


Educators predict a sharp deficit of college graduates in the US coming by 2020 unless the higher education system succeeds to invite more students to state colleges. While the demand for the qualified, properly educated workforce in the economy merely rises, the actual number of applicants with college diploma inevitably drops. Healthcare, education, community service, and science all need a properly educated workforce to expand and develop, not even to mention replacement of retiring baby-boomers in their workplaces.

Despite the looming shortage, many current college graduates do not feel really demanded. Not all of these young people have succeeded to find a profitable job that could compensate for the costs of their tuition. It looks like all the college years and student debt were not worth the mediocre outcome. As a result, high school graduates hesitate to enter state colleges wishing to go earn their money right away.

At the moment, colleges do not particularly encourage students admission. Tuition costs are naturally rising, and the majority of high school graduates come from middle-to-low income families. The next reason for low college graduation rates is a dropout. Coming to campus with high expectations, freshmen realize that they are still unprepared for the first year of college or have chosen the wrong path. Some of them choose to drop out and apply to another faculty, and the other decide to do without a college degree at all. Those who remain in colleges frequently feel that they are wasting time with unnecessary subjects, but there is no particular choice for them – either drop out or go ahead to graduation.

Universities and colleges shall definitely attract more freshmen and be able to retain them. Providing more bread-winning degrees and filling curricula with popular subjects, institutions can at least assure students that they do not waste their post-secondary years and money.