Educating adults has many advantages and will be very beneficial to the economy essay sample



Education is a vital concept not only for teenagers. A part of adults who once dropped out of school too early and did not put their academic potential into life still strives to find a respectable job with a decent salary. As they currently struggle to find a satisfactory job-place with their secondary education, the prospect of free education looks very encouraging. Many adults enroll into such courses with non-economic goals like boosting their awareness or stimulating healthy choices. Development is important to many of them even if creativity or learning cultures do not directly impact their well-being.

Unfortunately, governments cannot see a direct revenue from investing into adult education either. Despite the potential benefits, state governments have currently cut funding for adult educational programs. Officials need to see clearer economic benefits to assume that the taxpayers’ money is not wasted. In terms of postgraduate education, people greatly depend on programs funded corporately. Workplace training and online courses still remain more affordable to employees in progressive companies.

Although governments are reluctant to empower adults for free, there is an evidence that adult education is not charity. Studies conducted by the German Institute for Adult Education have shown that countries that spend at least 1 percent of GDP for adult learning see high rates of participation in those programs. In their turn, countries with higher participation rates show higher levels of economic growth. Meeting their needs, adults improve their living standard and set goals and higher expectations for the future, which has its economic benefit as well.

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