The importance of having a role model essay sample



Yet as children, all of us had someone as an example. The parent, their friend or a school teacher – some people who especially inspired us. As we grew up, the necessity for having a role model did not fade away completely. Certainly, we have a friend, colleague, or sports instructor who still looks like an example to us – a person that induces us to change for the better and work on our traits. The fact that we have grown up does not dismiss the necessity of having a role model.

It would be dishonest to assume that we strive only to a positive influence. Our environment certainly includes several role anti-models, or people we would like not to resemble. Perhaps, our authoritarian boss makes working environment too stressful, which gives a way to rejection. Or probably, we have a friend who is a party animal while we are not. As we go clubbing late before a hard working day, we anticipate our future regret. And we do not approve of the behavior of our anti-model. But as we are friends, there is a peer pressure that makes us act in the way we would never do on our own.

Having both positive and negative role model in view is important as we usually strive to perfection. Looking at the people we like and dislike induces us to change our behavior to be more likable to other people (in the first place) and, of course, to ourselves. Both positive and negative examples work pedagogically even if we consider ourselves quite mature personalities.

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