Active listening essay sample


To begin with, it is necessary to mention that active listening is a communication technique. It is most often used in such areas as training, counseling and conflict resolution.

The whole idea of the concept is a follows: a person is supposed in make conscious effort in the process of listening so that to be able to fully understand what the other person is trying to say. Here are the steps which a person needs to follow so that to become an active listener: to pay attention to the person they are talking to, to notice what their body language is, to look them in the eyes, to speak with them directly, to avoid distractions, to nod occasionally, to smile, to encourage them to continue talking, to offer feedback, to avoid interrupting another person, to provide them with an opportunity to finish what they are trying to say, to be open, to respond in an appropriate way and to treat the person with respect.

According to the results of the research conducted by Harvard university, only five percent were identified as active and effective listeners. In total, 3, 292 took part in it. The goal of the development program which the research data are based on has been to help managers become better coaches and leaders.

All in all, active listening is not an easy skill to acquire. Yet, having it is of vital importance for every manager or business leader as well as for those people whose job is to communicate with lots of people on a daily basis. Being an active listener helps them understand what the problem is in order to find the best solution to it.

Importance of the student government essay sample


Having a student government at an educational institution makes it stronger. In addition, student government typically helps a college or university in lots of ways. For instance, student governments improve student and alumni participation in student life as well as assist in attracting new students.

One of the most significant aspects to highlight regarding the issue in question is that student government gives tons of students a voice to express themselves. What is more, it can also be viewed as the official distribution channel in regards to various issues which students face on a daily basis. As a result, having a properly functioning student government indicates that the educational institution deeps cares about its students and gives them a platform to dwell upon their issues and find solutions to those issues.

Student governments at educational institutions operate autonomously. What is interesting to highlight regarding the latter is that a student needs to learn from their mistakes in case they do something wrong. Clearly, the cases of fraud, embezzlement and any kind of illegal activity are an exception. If a situation like that occurs, the administrators need to interfere right away.

Taking everything into consideration,  student government is one of the most important organizations at an educational institution due to the fact that it helps to change the life of students for the better. What is more, a lot of attention is paid to various projects that are typically ignored when student government is involved in the process. For this reason, it is vital to find a person who is 100% right for the job of being the president of the student government.

Leadership in the Western Practice essay sample


To begin with, it is necessary to specify what the definition of leadership is in terms of the Western community. So, leadership is viewed as a reciprocal process. What it means is that a leader is someone who is able to gather various resources so that to reach a goal. What is more, it is someone who knows how to mobilize people.

The characteristics of Western leadership include long-term future planning, the process of constant building of positive human relationships within the workplace, focus on strategic planning and the idea of profit generation. Western leaders are concentrated on achievements which is the reason why this aspect plays such a huge role in business strategies created and developed by Western leaders.

Another essential aspect to highlight is that Western leaders typically motivate their employees to concentrate on their career and to keep learning more. The fact that leaders are genuinely interested in the professional and personal development of their team members presupposes that Western leaders deeply care about the team and want it to be successful. Obviously, the approaches as well as tendencies are constantly changing within the field which is why Western leaders need to know what is going on in the field they work in. It should be mentioned that the humanistic approach is the most commonly used these days. A lot of emphasis is put on human rights within the workplace.

Taking everything into consideration, leadership in the Western practice is quite different from leadership in the Asian practice and the approaches used by leaders are various as well. Western leaders typically concentrate on achieving as many goals as possible.

How to organize effective meetings essay sample


One of the reasons why it is so important to hold meetings from time to time is that they help every employee to keep updated regarding the goals which a company is trying to achieve as well as the tasks that each department is currently working on.

What is vital to highlight is that a meeting does not only mean that a person needs to gather people. They key aspect is to come up with a structure and a plan for a meeting and to adhere to it. The main goal of every meeting is to be effective and to provide the participants with new information with the help of which they will be able to do their job better or to complete their tasks faster.

When preparing for a meeting, it is necessary to be able to answer the following questions: What is the goal of a meeting? Who are the people that are going to attend it? What outcome is expected? What type of information needs to be presented? What decisions are expected to be made?

What is all boils down to is that those people who organize the meeting should have a clear set of objectives as well as figure out how they are going to meet them. In case presentations are included in the program, it is important to allocate a specific amount of time for each of them. What is more, some time should be spent discussing the newly presented information.

All in all, preparing a proper meeting is going to take a lot of time and effort, especially when a person expects some effective and positive outcomes from it.


Overview of Starbucks company essay sample


One of the most distinctive features of the Starbucks business model is that it is a very responsible
company. The most significant aspect to highlight is that Starbucks always makes sure that the product
they buy and use was produced in a sustainable way. Thus, the company helps the whole industry thrive.
What should also be highlighted regarding the distinctive features of Starbucks is they that have been
committed to offering as well as creating hundreds of career opportunities for people all over the world
since 2015. Starbucks has a specific program that is called Opportunity Youth program with the help of
which they are able to hire ten thousand people every year. The primary focus of the program is on the
young people. Starbucks realizes that their target consumers are young people. What is more, the
company believes that young people are the driving force of the future who are going to introduce tons of
positive changes to the way we live nowadays. Therefore, Starbucks is trying to help young people
implement all those ideas into life by offering them a job as a first step to doing that.
Another important aspect to highlight regarding the Opportunity Youth program is that young people
typically bring a lot of fresh and unconventional ideas which presupposes that the company benefits from
the program as well.
Taking everything into account, Starbucks is aimed not only at generating revenue, but also at introducing
lots of positive changes and leading by example as they are one of those companies that understand what
their social responsibility is and what they can do in order to introduce innovation as well as make
customer experience much better.

Marketing plan structure and peculiarities essay sample


A marketing plan is essential for those businesses that are just starting out as it provides them with a clear
vision of how they want to influence the market. What is more, a marketing plan also consists of goals
which a company sets for itself.
The first part of the marketing plan is called executive summary and it includes key points of the whole
plan. This is the first thing which a potential investor will see which is the reason why it is important to
properly write and present this section of the plan. The next part highlights general information about a
company including the address, phone numbers as well as goals and values. Another section of a
marketing plan is a detailed description of a service or product which a company provides. What is
necessary to mention in this section is how unique one’s product or service is as well as what differs it
from all the others that are already presented on the market. Then, it is also vital to specify the audience
which a company is focused on in a marketing plan. The thing is that having such information written
down helps a company understand what strategies they are going to use in order to sell their product.
What is vital to mention regarding the latter is that tons of companies are trying to sell their goods to
everyone which is a huge mistake.
Taking everything into account, a properly written marketing plan does not merely help to find investors
so that to develop one’s business. It also helps the business owners to understand what direction they want
to move in so that to achieve success.

Challenges to effective management processes essay sample


A success of a company hugely depends on an effective and properly organized management process. It
helps a company achieve their strategic goals as well as keeps employees motivated which has its positive
impact on the quality of their work.
However, there are tons of challenges when it comes to the task of organizing a smooth and effective
management process within a company. One of the biggest challenges which the majority of managers
face is the lack of leadership and management skills. This issue is particularly topical for those companies
that are just starting out. As a result, they do not have any experience in the field no matter how much
theoretical knowledge they have acquired.
One of the most vital tasks of every manager is to monitor the activity of its employees so that to be able
to offer changes or suggestions as soon as something goes wrong or not in accordance with the specified
plan. In addition, it is also the task of manager to explain what the employee is doing wrong as well as
how they can make it better. Needless to mention that the manager of a team or a project should act like a
leader in order to achieve all those goals which have been set. Finding a person who is able to do that is
never easy which is the reason why so many startups fail during their first years.
Taking everything into consideration, setting up an effective management process is a company takes a
lot of time and effort, to say nothing of the fact that there will definitely be lots of challenges along the

Business Ethics: on getting to the heart of the matter essay sample


One of the essential components of business ethics is the moral code. To specify, it is the notion of the
prevailing moral code that exists in the society and the way in which it is applied to business ethics.
It is quite clear that all businesses are expected to stay away from any kind of fraud or inappropriate
activity. What is more, nowadays businesses are also expected to be socially active meaning that they
should care more about the environment as well as introduce various initiatives so that not to pollute the
planet with their product and the way in which it is manufactured. In such a way, business owners should
remember to act in a decent way towards their customers.
Another relevant issue regarding the subject under consideration is the social responsibility of a company.
The key question regarding this aspect is whether a corporation is required to donate some of their profits
to philanthropic, humanitarian or educational projects. Again, if a company promotes such activity, it
means that business owners act like decent human beings who understand the significance of the projects
they donate their money to as well as realize that the biggest issue is the lack of funding. Thus,
corporations are able to help with the latter.
Taking everything into consideration, the most vital aspect in terms of business ethics is to be able to
remain a decent human being and business owner no matter how tough the competition on the market is.
In addition, the ability to realize that a company also has social responsibilities is a core element of
business ethics nowadays which is the reason why such companies are hugely respected among

Analysis of Lego business strategy essay sample


One of the reasons why Lego business strategy is so fascinating is that this toy brand has managed to
reinvent itself completely. In such a way, they company has shown their loyal customers that they can
change as well as has found a way to attract new consumers.
In the process of conducting SWOT analysis of Lego, the following strengths, weaknesses, opportunities
and threats have been found. To begin with, the company has an impressive product portfolio and many
years of experience on the market. Besides, Lego is an iconic brand which everyone is able to
differentiate. So, these are the strengths of the company. Speaking about weaknesses, they include the fact
that competitors can potentially copy the product style of Lego, the absence of any kind of product
variations as well as the size.
Lego is a huge company that has been on the market for years but there is still room for improvement
meaning that there are various opportunities which the company can pursue. To specify, such
opportunities include NEM in terms of the Asian market as well as a more complex system of logistics.
Obviously, Lego also faces some potential threats. One of the biggest challenges for the company is to be
able to keep their competitive advantage as there are many similar alternatives that come at a cheaper
price. Another threat to mention is the constant change of trends which motivates the management team
to think a few steps ahead.
All in all, Lego has managed to totally modify their business strategy in order to stay at the top of the
market. The company continues to provide its customers with high-quality products that have a very
distinctive design.

Analysis of Business Literature – The Medici Effect essay sample


‘The Medici Effect: Breakthrough Insights at the Intersection of Ideas, Concepts and Cultures’ is a book
written in 2004 by Frans Johansson who is a Swedish-American entrepreneur. The term mentioned in the
title of the book was coined by the author himself in order to describe those innovations which occur in
the industry when disciplines and ideas intersect. Thus, Frans Johansson puts great emphasis on the
significance of creating this effect in all business fields.
The main ideas which the author mentions in his book are as follows: innovation typically happens when
various cultures and areas intersect; the necessity to create teams that consist of people who represent
different teams in case a company, business or brand wants to present a totally unconventional product or
service; the fact that the level of innovation and creativity throughout the process of working on a
breakthrough idea hugely depends on the amount of fields that intersect (the more areas are involved, the
better the result will be); the necessity to get rid of directional thinking; the importance of breaking down
barriers, especially when it comes to implementing traditional methods; the realization that success will
not come at first try as well as the significance of rewarding failure.
Taking everything into account, “The Medici Effect: Breakthrough Insights at the Intersection of Ideas,
Concepts and Cultures’ is a great read for everyone who wants to learn more about discoveries in business
as well as that steps one needs to take in order to come up with a breakthrough idea and finally implement
it into life. The book also offers a few tips on how to masterfully use knowledge and experience that
comes from the intersection of different fields.