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How to Write a Term Paper?

What is a term paper? It is a research assignment that covers materials studied over an academic term. The main goal is to see how well a student has understood a course. Here is a detailed guide on how to write a term paper.

First and foremost, one needs to select a topic that has not been well-researched yet. A professor can also decide which topic a student should write a term paper on. Secondly, one needs to allocate enough time to gather all the relevant materials on the subject under consideration. The third step is to write an outline of a paper. Then, it is advisable to write the first draft. The final part of term paper writing is editing and proofreading.

In regards to the term paper format, one should use either the APA or MLA citation style. APA is commonly used for social sciences, whereas MLA is employed in liberal arts and the humanities.
It is advisable to gather all materials before one gets down to term paper writing. One should keep all of them in one place to have easy access whenever necessary. Facts and figures in term paper writing are more important than opinions and ideas. The more evidence that is provided, the more credible a research study becomes. One needs to take notes when looking through materials relevant to one’s topic. It helps a student stay organized. Besides, it eliminates confusion. Time-management skills are of vital importance in academic writing as one needs to allocate enough time on each aspect of the writing process.

Using effective writing techniques is vital as well. One needs to provide enough evidence to support facts in a term paper, to apply reason and logic, as well as to appeal to a reader’s emotion or intelligence. In regards to term paper writing, appealing to a reader’s intelligence is preferable to giving an author’s personal opinion on the subject under consideration. The flow of a term paper should demonstrate that there is a logical transition from one idea to another. A piece of writing should be clear and coherent to make sure a reader understands what the problem in question is, as well as why it is so significant. In general, a term paper should be written in a semi-formal academic style. Conversational language is to be avoided, as it is inappropriate for this particular type of academic writing.

An author of a term paper needs to demonstrate that he or she is able to assemble a large amount of material, and deliver a thorough research study on the subject under consideration. The language used in a paper should be clear and precise. One needs to allocate enough time for task accomplishment to create several drafts, and have an opportunity to edit and rewrite them. It is quite hard to write an impressive paper without making any improvements. A student should also understand what is expected of him or her, as well as what materials he or she is supposed to cover in a term paper.

It is vital to choose a topic one is personally interested in. Writing a term paper can be a daunting task, which is why one needs to eliminate all possible distractions when working on this assignment. There will be a lot of fun activities one would love to do instead of term paper writing, but it is important to start on time to have a chance to edit a draft as many times as required. Term paper topics are complicated. That is why, one needs to be fully focused on task accomplishment to provide the best work. Cutting corners and thinking that one can get away with it will never lead to a positive outcome.

Common mistakes of term paper writing include the following:

  1. Writing an argumentative paper instead of a term paper. Term papers are based on research—not on providing two opposite arguments and stating one’s own point of view. Besides, term papers cover materials that one has studied over a long period of time.
  2. Not using materials one has covered during a course is another common term paper writing mistake. Such materials should be used as a demonstration of a student paying attention in class. Using new materials is encouraged as well.
  3. One should not change arguments or the subject-matter of a research study in the process of writing. The angle chosen by a student should be maintained throughout the whole piece of writing. One of the main aims of term paper writing is to demonstrate one’s knowledge on a particular subject.
  4. Rushed or unprepared writing is another common mistake students make when they get the task of writing a term paper. It occurs because students do not allocate enough time for the assignment. As a result, they do not conduct a thorough research study. An author of a term paper should not be hesitant when presenting the issue in question. One needs to showcase that a topic has been well-researched, and provide sufficient evidence to support one’s theoretical findings.
  5. A lack of structure is another mistake to avoid when one is writing a term paper. Such a mistake weakens a student’s work. Besides, it is harder for a reader to comprehend an issue when a piece of writing is not properly structured. That is why creating a plan and outline is of vital importance. It helps one stay focused on the most important aspects of term paper writing. A random list of facts will not convince a reader that a deep research study has been conducted.
  6. Vocabulary, grammatical, syntactic, punctuation, or structural mistakes, using the wrong tone of voice, and poor language skills are among common term paper writing mistakes as well. A student needs to demonstrate that he or she is well-equipped to provide a thorough research study, and to communicate one’s ideas in a clear way.

In regards to term paper topics, it is advised to choose a lesser-known subject. However, one needs to demonstrate that one has a deep understanding of a topic, and prove it by providing relevant evidence. What is more, one also needs to show that a large amount of materials studied during the term is reflected in a paper. Term papers are assigned to see how much progress a student has made during a specific period of time. In case one does not know how to start a term paper or how to format such paper, it is advisable to take a look at properly written term paper examples. It will help one grasp the main idea of how such paper should be written, structured, and formatted.

Taking everything into account, term paper writing is a complex academic writing task, as one needs to demonstrate how much knowledge one has acquired over a period of one term. Gathering materials takes a lot of time. In addition, one needs to figure out what angle of a subject in question one is going to dwell upon in a term paper.

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