The Great Depression. Essay sample


To begin with, it is important to mention the fact that the Great Depression was the worst economic period in the history of the United States of America. The period lasted from 1929 to 1939. The event which signified the beginning of the Great Depression was the crash of the stock market that occurred in October, 1929.

As a result of that, Wall Street was in panic, not to mention the fact that the crash also wiped out tons of investors. In addition, consumer spending dropped as lots of people lost their jobs and simply had no money to buy goods. Apart from the fact that companies had to lay off their workers,  declines in industrial output became quite regular as well. The Great Depression reached its lowest point in the year of 1933. What should also be specified is that half of the banks in the United States of America failed at that time. Besides, nearly 15 millions Americans were unemployed.

The development of the New Deal helped to recover from the Great Depression. To specify, it was a series of programs, regulations and financial reforms that were aimed at helping the country deal with the consequences of the Great Depression. The New Deal was introduced by Franklin D. Roosevelt who was the president of the United States of America at that time.

Taking everything into consideration, the Great Depression started with the crash of the stock market and resulted in huge unemployment rates and total investor disinterest. The implementation of the New Deal helped the country get back on its feet by completely reforming Wall Street, offering social security and introducing better working conditions.


Nothing is permanent but change essay. Essay sample


Even though people live their everyday lives thinking that they deal with tons of routine situations on a daily basis, our lives are all about change. The thing is that we generally tend not to notice them due to the fact that they occur over time. Apart from that, some decisions that result in changing one’s life usually take a lot of time and mulling over which is the reason why it does not feel a lot of things are going to change.

What one definitely needs to remember is that there is nothing permanent in this life. What is more, lots of changes happen over the course of our lives which is the reason why one should not be afraid to make bold decisions as well as do things that might seem a bit risky or adventurous. There is a very high chance that a person will regret not doing them.

In such a way, one can even say that change is the only permanent thing in our lives which sounds ironic because of the fact that we expect permanent things to be the same and to stay the same forever. Thus, it is one of the reasons why living our lives is so interesting as we cannot know for sure what is going to happen in our lives and how many changes it will bring.

Al in all, change should be perceived in a positive way as it is always an opportunity to start over or to do something differently. In addition, one should not be afraid of change. One simply needs to learn how to embrace it.


Gender roles. Essay sample


Gender roles is a vast issue that is becoming more and more topical these days, especially taking into account the fact that people in the whole world are trying to redefine gender roles in the society they live in.

Historically, a gender role is a social role of a person which encompasses a number of attitudes and behaviors that are viewed as acceptable and desirable based on the sex that person represents. The main problem is that lots of people do not expect gender roles to evolve which is the reason why so many issues arise on a daily basis.

To specify, a woman has long been viewed as the one who is supposed to get married, give birth to children and take care of her children and her husband meaning that all the work around the house is her responsibility as well. Women were not allowed to work or even vote for lots of centuries. Luckily, the paradigm is shifting nowadays which presupposes that women are viewed as experts in their areas who can be trusted. In addition, the idea that every woman has to get married or give birth to a child is becoming more and more outdated which is a great sign as it indicates that the society we live in is ready to get rid of all those stereotypes that people have believed in for years.

Taking everything into consideration, the issue of gender roles is still at the center of the debate but the shift is already happening which means that soon enough the society will be able to accept everyone the way that person wants to be accepted.


Why I chose pharmacy as a career. Essay sample


The decision to choose a career in pharmacy has not been a difficult one for me as it is the field I have been interested in for a very long time. However, the preparation process so that to be enrolled  in college which I have chosen has taken a lot of time and effort.

Speaking about the reasons why I chose pharmacy as a career, the first and the most important one is that I want to be able to help people. Working in the field of pharmacy will definitely help me achieve that goal as I will be able to assist people when they are choosing specific medication so that to get better.

In addition, pharmacy is the field which is constantly changing, not to mention the fact that it is closely connected with the field of medicine which I am obviously very interested in as well. In such a way, I will be a part of all the positive changes that happen in this area. What is more, I will also do my best to transform the field so that to finally be able to help all people who require medical assistance.

All in all, I have always wanted to work in pharmacy which is the reason why I have chosen to pursue a career in this field. Even though getting enrolled as well as studying is definitely going to be very challenging, I will do everything I can in order to reach all my aims and become a true professional in the area. As a result, I will be able to help tons of people as well as make their lives at least a little bit easier.

Annotated bibliographies for ADHD. Essay sample


When one gets the task to write a paper dealing with the subject of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the first thing one needs to do is to conduct a proper research. Thus, what it means is that tons of materials will be looked through in order to find the most valuable information regarding the issue under consideration.

When working on the task of writing a paper on the topic of ADHD, one needs to keep in mind that their list of annotated bibliography needs to be both impressive and properly organized. What it presupposes is that a lot of time should be allocated so that write and format such list in accordance with all specified requirements. In case one has some specific requirements provided by their professor, they should obviously be taken into consideration.

Perhaps, one of the most useful things one can do is take a look at properly written and properly formatted annotated bibliographies. In such a way, one will get a clear understanding of what they are supposed to do so that to submit an annotated bibliography their professor will be pleased with.

Taking everything into consideration, writing an annotated bibliography for ADHD will definitely become a time-consuming task which is why the most reasonable thing to do is to start beforehand. In such a way, one will have enough time to edit the list as well as to make as many corrections as necessary so that to submit a properly written paper. The ability to list and format the materials which one used while writing a paper on ADHD plays a huge role when a professor is grading the paper.

Why are physicians reluctant to remove life support systems. Essay sample


The topic of physicians being reluctant to remove life support systems has been at the forefront for quite a while which presupposes that there are both advocates and opponents of the subject under consideration.

The most debatable aspect to highlight in terms of the topic in question is the reason why physicians keep patients on life support even when it seems that there is no hope as the situation is dire. What needs to be specified regarding this aspect is that the main goal of every doctor is to do no harm. What is more, it is their motto and something they swear by. That is the reason why every doctor will do everything they can so that to help the patient even when it seems like nothing more can be done.

Apart from that, there is always hope that the situation is going to change and the condition of a patient will improve. Therefore, keeping a patient on life support means that they still have a chance to survive, to get better and to live their life happily. Surely, the issue when the relatives of the patient beg the physician to keep their loved ones on life support should be taken into consideration as well but there are tons of ethical and legal aspects to emphasize as well.

Taking everything into consideration, every doctor will do their and will try to explore every possibility to cure their patient as their main goal is to keep everyone healthy and to make sure that they can live long lives. Sometimes it means that doctors are reluctant to remove life support systems.

Robotic surgery. Essay sample


Even though robotic surgery seems to be the future of the field of medicine, it is still a rather unknown concept for a lot of people which is the reason why it is so vital to dwell upon it more often.

One of the biggest and most important benefits of robotic surgery is that it helps to get the surgery done in a better and more secure way. What it presupposes is that the chances for making mistakes are smaller due to the fact that the issue of human failure and human factor is excluded. As a result, tons of very specific and detailed surgeries can be done better with the help of robotic surgery.

Apart from that, this innovation helps the field in general due to the fact that surgeons will finally be able to have less stress at work. Thus, their performance will not be affected by it.

Surely, there is no guarantee that a robot will not suddenly malfunction or some technical failure will not occur. Such scenarios are possible but they are very rare. Besides, they are easier to predict.

Taking everything into consideration, robotic surgery truly is the future of medicine due to the fact that it will be possible to help a bigger amount of people. What is more, some surgeries are better done by robots because of their specifics and the number of consequences which a patient will have to deal with in case a surgery is done by a human being. In case a person undergoes a robotic surgery, the amount of risks is lower and the chances for having a successful surgery with zero complications are higher.

Conflict management on Ted Talk examples. Essay sample


No matter whether it is workplace problem or a personal issue, dealing with conflict is never easy. For this reason, it becomes clear why conflict resolution and conflict management skills are so important.

Clint Smith, the author of the Ted Talk called ‘The Danger of Silence’ highlights the negative effects of not being able to communicate properly and specifies that it can lead to tons of unnecessary conflicts. The root of the problem lies in the fact that people fail to express their desires, needs or ideas on time. In such a way, silence typically leads to injustice which is the exact kind of thing that should be avoided at all costs.

Even though millions of people experience uncomfortable situations both in their personal lives and at work, they tend to remain silent about it. The common disbelief is that the situation or thing that makes a person uncomfortable will soon disappear. Unfortunately, it will not. It will grow even bigger instead. That is the reason why it is vital to talk about the problem in question right away in order to avoid any further misunderstanding as well as simply be able to move on. A way to solve a problem in a civilized manner always exists. Sometimes it just takes some effort to find it.

Taking everything into consideration, the example of Ted Talk by Colin Smith demonstrates how a conflict can be managed and resolved as soon as the people involved share their concerns with each other and are completely open about the issue that is causing trouble. It is possible to turn a disagreement into an opportunity.


Main ways to train and facilitate communication techniques on listening skills. Essay sample


Training and facilitating listening skills is important because they play a huge role in the process of communication, especially when its goal is to be as effective and productive as possible. Besides, we live a world that is constantly changing which presupposes that we also have less time on everything including the ability to properly listen to other people. It has its negative impact on the quality of conversations we have.

Speaking about those techniques with the help of which one can train and facilitate listening skills, the first one to emphasize is to face the other person and to make eye contact. It helps to establish a relationship that is based on trust. Putting down one’s phone or book when talking to another person is a sign on respect which once again highlights the importance of avoiding distractions when communicating with other people.

Another significant aspect is to be present and to listen carefully to what another person is trying to say. In such a way, a person will be able to understand another person’s point of view, to respond in an appropriate way as well as to demonstrate that they are willing to have a meaningful and effective conversation. The ability to stay objective and to avoid jumping to conclusions is highly appreciated as well.

Taking everything into account, focusing on what the other person is saying, being attentive, making eye contact, avoiding distractions, being present, reacting and responding as well as practicing active listening are among the most effective communication techniques which every person should acquire in order to communicate better.


Conscious communication strategies essay sample


To begin with, it is necessary emphasize that the main aim of conscious communication is to teach how to separate ‘personality’ from ‘behavior’. To specify, the idea behind conscious communication is as follows: a person should be able to explain their needs as well as the type of behavior and actions they expect. In such a way, it will become much simpler for another person to meet them as well as to fulfill that wish in general.

The first conscious communication strategy to mention is as follows: a person always needs to ask for what they want. In case it is a need, the best way to express it is in the form of a request. It should never be expressed as a demand because of the fact that human nature tends to resist demands. It is vital to explain clearly what one needs as it helps to deliver the message and get the desired result.

Another strategy to mention is to be objective. If a person is upset because of a certain situation, the best approach is not to take sides and to outline the facts so that to describe the situation. It is quite obvious that the most difficult thing regarding the issue in question is finding a way to communicate when people have two completely different points of view. The most vital thing is to find the common ground and to learn how to manage one’s emotions so that to have a productive dialogue.

Taking everything into consideration, conscious communication strategies help to build meaningful relationships and teach people how to make progress when they do not see eye to eye.